A 3D interstellar spaceship simulator
with constellation writing function

18, Mar, 2017

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Quick Brief about HippLiner

HippLiner is a 3D interstellar spaceship simulator that can simulate both superluminal and relativistic spaceship journey.
HippLiner can not only show and fly around the interstellar space around our solar system, but also can simulate position of stars during tens thousnads of years using 3D proper motion data. It can also draw colstellation.
HippLiner uses Hipparcos main catalogue and Hipparcos Input catalogue (for radial velocity).
Furthermore, HippLiner containes 601 open clusters from "New Catalog of Optically Visible Open Clusters and Candidates"and 2365 galaxy data from "Nearby Galaxies Catalogue" which you can display.

For more information, You can see a PowerPoint presentation file used in Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2007 (GHOU2007).
The following proceedings paper of GHOU2007 is also avalable online as,
Tomonori Nomoto, "Interstellar spaceship simulator for astronomical education and communications", "Global Hands-On Universe 2007 For Win-Win Relations between Science Research and Education", Edited by T. Handa and M. Okyudo, Universal Academy Press, Inc. Tokyo, Japan, ISBN 978-4-904164-05-1, pp. 147-151, 2008.


Windows95R2/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista with OpenGL
nVidia GeForce or greater graphic card is recommended.
For Stereoscopic 3D, nVidia Quadro or other graphic board that supports quadbuffer mode is required.
I haven't tested in many environment, so that there should still be some bugs.


Current English Version: 2.7.4en0 (2017/03/18) Animation recording was enabled.

Old English Versions:

Current Version: 2.7.4 (Japanese) (2017/03/18)

iHippLiner 1.0.1 for iOS

Snapshots (The following snapshots are from Japanese version.)

Relativistic effect (Aberration, Doppler's shift) of skyview. Orion and Hyades The sun, Orion and Open Clusters Stars nearby the sun Galaxy distribution


  1. Extract downloaded archive file.
  2. execute HippLiner.exe


  1. Delete the extracted files from the archives.
  2. If there is HippLiner.ini, delete it.

Current troubles

How to use HippLiner

[Mouse Action]

[Common Action]  
Left Button Drag Up-Down Up-Down rotation
Left Button Drag Left-Right Left-Right rotation
Alt key + Left Button Drag Up-Down Change DEC
Alt key + Left Button Drag Left-Right Change RA
Left Button Double Click Star Selection
[Perspective Mode]  
Left and Center Button Drag Up-Down, or Shift key + Left Button Drag Up-Down Change View Point Distance
Center Button Drag Up-Down, or Ctrl key + Left Button Drag Up-Down Change View Point Angle
[Map Mode]  
Left and Center Button Drag Up-Down, or Shift key + Left Button Drag Up-Down Change Viewer Width
Center Button Drag Up-Down Change Viewer Depth

[Keyboard Short Cut]

Ctrl+Q Exit
Ctrl+O Load Setting File
Ctrl+S Save Setting File
Ctrl+Alt+N Load Star Name File
Ctrl+Alt+C Load Constellation File
Ctrl+P Print Screen
Ctrl+*(ten key) Flip Stereo Eye or 2D Display
space Constellation writing mode and separator
return End of constellation
BS/DEL Undo constellation
- magnitude: -1
0〜9 magnitude: 0-9
p Pointing Mode
Space traveling mode
D Move to the selected star
C View from center of rotation
S Back to the sun
X Visual Magnitude
Z Absolute Magnitude
A Hipparcos Main Catalogue Magnitude data
V Show/hide Scale on Map Mode
T Show/hide Star Information Window
E Show/hide Constellation Window
F Show/hide all constellation
e Move farer
w Move nearer
q Stop motion
d Rotate RA forward
s Stop Rotatino RA
a Rotate RA backward
c Rotate DEC forward
z Rotate DEC backward
x Stop rotating DEC
m Map Mode or Perspective Mode
r Proper motion time forwarding
f Proper motion time stop and Epoch=1991.25
v Proper motion time backwarding
n Show/Hide Star Name
N Show/Hide Constellation Name
u Show distance between stars (Hide -> persec -> light year)
G Show Grids (Grid and Line -> Grid -> Hide)
o Show Open Cluster (Open Cluster and Name -> Open Cluster -> Name -> Hide)
g Show Galaxy (Galaxy and Name -> Galaxy and Our Galaxy -> Name -> Hide)
H Show/Hide Stars


History to the birth of HippLiner

   1998 --- Dr. Handa proposed using Hipparcos data for 3D view in "Universe Live Show".

            Oct-Nov I (Nomoto) tested of Hipparcos Main Catalogue Data. 

            I plotted and viewed Hipparcos catalogue data as Open Inventor data file on ONYX. 

            Mr. Takahei, a main developer of "Universe Live Show" wrote a program to view the data.

   2000 --- Above Hipparcos data was used for 3D constellation viewer and Solar System Simulator. 

   2001 Mar For demonstration of usage of Hipparcos data in "Universe Live Show", a simple viewer(that was named HippView) was created.

        May For use of constellation drawing in Solar System Simulator, HippLiner was created using GLUT.

        Jun Using VCL and Borland C++ Builder5, HippLiner Version 1 was created.

        Sep For use of live show or live 3D viewing, I rewrited HippLiner Version 2 and also included proper motion.


   1.0   (2001/6/4)  HippLiner1(Japanese) is announced. 

   1.6.1 (2001/7/19) Final Relase of HippLiner1 

   2.0.0 (2001/9/9)  HippLiner2(Japanese) is announced. 

   2.0.1 (2001/9/16) English test version of HippLiner2 is announced. 

   2.1.4 (2001/5/4)  Many bugs are fixed and some new functions are added.        

   2.1.5 (2001/5/5)  Fixed printing bug.                                    

   2.3.2 (2002/8/7)  Version 2.3.2(English, Large Version) released          

   2.4.1 (2002/10/31)containing Open Cluster Data and Galaxy Data.           

   2.4.2 (2002/11/1) Fixed vector normalization                              

   2.5.0(2003/10/29) Color emphasize mode was added.                         
                     Sun was desplayed as -5 magnitude as default.           
                     Shortcut "X","S" was changed and "V" was added.         
                     Maximum speed was changed to 250 light year per second. 
                     Zero devision of OpenGL was avoided.                    
                     Fixed distance change to zero during shortcut operation.
                     Automatic constellation loading function was added.     
   2.6.0(2006/01/15) Additional setting (epoch, viewpoints) were saved after quiting.
                     Mouse operation was changed.                            
                     Rotation using RA and DEC is Alt+mouse drag(left).      
                     Field of vision can be rotated by Shift+Control+mouse drag.
                     Liveshow panel was changed and updated.                 
                     Resolution became selectable for stars or open clusters.
                     "Our Galaxy" can be desplayable as our milky way galaxy.
                     Automatic scale change function was added.              
                     Speed is changed during automatic distance change.      
                     Fixed map mode. (The sun was not in the center previously.)
                     Automatic constellation loading was updated. Files can  
                     selectable by using left/right arrow key. (This function
                     is off in constellation drawing mode)                   
                     An application can be loadable externally by F1 key. The
                     Application is set by [MainForm]-> ExecFilePathHIP in INI
                     file. HIP number of selected star is a parameter.       
   2.7.0(2007/09/03) Size of Star Information Window was fixed.              
                     Color and brightness of stars were simulated as black   
                     body radiaion using temperature of stars and CIE XYZ    
                     color matching function in Realistic mode.              
                     In photographic mode, brigtness is compressed and sizes 
                     of stars are similar to older version.                  
                     Status bar became invisible because it was useless.     
                     Relativistic spaceship simulation using Aberration,     
                     proper time and Doppler's effect are now possible.      
                     Live show panel below the simulation was changed.       
                     Superluminal and Relativistic modes were added to command list.
   2.7.3(2017/02/26) Cube Map export for dome projection and VR usage was    
                     enabled in this version.
                     In the previous versions, perspective projection deformed 
                     Star shape near the edge in large viewangle. In this    
                     version, the size became unchanged.                     
                     The calculation resolution of black body radiation bacame
                     100K step from 500K step, and the step-wise magnitude   
                     change was improved.
                     In movie output, proper time, earth time and speed bacame
                     recorded in this version.
                     The ratio of gradation and circle in polygon star was   
                     changed and now adjastable at hipp_displaylist_star_ratio
                     of ini file (in previous versions, 6).
   2.7.4(2017/03/18) In 2.7.3, map mode was not displayed correctly, and this
     en0(2017/03/18) is bug fix. Also, English translation was based on this version.

Lisence and other non-important things...

This software is provided to you "AS-IS" and without warranty of any kind.
You can use this software freely for purpose of personal and academic use.
For use of other purposes, please inform the author about the usage and the purpose of this software.

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