360 Panorama Analyzer/Stabilizer

A motion analyzer and afterward stabilizer for 360 degree panorama movie

19, Aug, 2016



This is a rotational motion analyzer for 360 degree panorama movie that also enables afterward stabilizer of equirectangular movie.

Sample Movies

Comparison between the original and stabilized: https://youtu.be/dS_HoyQBKJk

After applying stabilizer: https://youtu.be/y0YYjcqRWTg (1-pass analysis result)
Original movie: https://youtu.be/aWlupNMpZTE


  1. Press "load file" button for loading a movie file.
  2. Press "Analyze" button for analysis of detecting rotational blurring.
  3. If needed, by pressing "2nd analysis" button, 2nd stage analysis is started.
    By 2nd-pass analysis, the output becomes more stabilized.
    The output movies are directly converted to the input during stabilization without intermediate image even using 2nd-pass.
  4. Select output folder and output filename, extension for output.
  5. Press "Stabilize" button for stabilization and saving the movie.



Windows 64 bit, with .NET framework. OpenCV is used and dlls are included.



  1. Extraxct the downloaded file.
  2. Execute PanoramaAnalyzer.exe


  1. Remove the extracted files.


This software is provided to you "AS-IS" and without warranty of any kind.

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